Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recently, a friend asked, "if I have to choose only one among writing, reading, traveling, and photography and forgo the remaining three forever, which one would I choose over others?" Obviously, he knows me only too well and knows that I barely can imagine leaving any of these four - the four major among many other of my addictions.

Although I settled down for a hierarchy of my affection for these four than choosing one of these - it was hard even to imagine to let go any of these. But the point here is not what I chose. I think I have become addicted to too many things, people, and activities. I love a lot of those and can barely imagine living without any one of my addictions, though mere existence is a possibility.

Perhaps that was a God-send. Perhaps that was a reality check. Perhaps that was just an innocent question. But it definitely had a butterfly effect in my head - I have to learn to live without a lot... be it writing, or reading, or traveling, or photography, or even You... dearest!!

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