Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Know It!!

Years ago, when he used to preach us about how information is important and how knowing can change our world, some of us believed him, some kept gaping at him, and some were simply disinterested. As I vaguely remember now, I was my usual skeptical self - Yeah... might be info-tech is damn powerful and knowing is important but you seem to be stretching it too far man!

But as they say, you never know until you know (I don't know who said that but in case nobody said that, it's my copyright now). So, in the recent past, I realized the power of information and the virtues of knowing.

And the enlightenment dawned from many sources over the time. Be it the reading of Arthshastra by Kautilya, where he draws the details for espionage and underlines the criticality of such information for the emperor or the use of Right To Information (RTI) Act, 2005 to get my thousand bucks back as well as to get the information from bureaucrats for a study.

But the reason of writing it all now is that I recently started tracking the traffic on my blog through some tracking tools. And I am really glad to announce that my blogs, which in my view were followed by barely two people - including yours truly, are not 'that' unknown. With about 250+125 views in three weeks and at least 24+13 unique visitors from two countries and over 15 regions, I am glad. Yeah... one can laugh it out! But I never expected even this much action here. Not that that I write for others but that sure gives me some more spirit to carry on with babbling and blabbering.

Thanks to all those who visited and more thanks to those who visited again :)

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