Saturday, August 22, 2015

What is Nostalgia made of?!

An old batchmate visited campus today and when he was told about me, he asked - what was the dorm-name?!! An old dorm-mate commented on FB today and it took a second to recall him by his real name, for I still remember him by the dorm-name alone. And then, I couldn't sleep. Found my old yearbook and read through many of the friends' entries. Nostalgia is made of friends, memories, and past... the past that we can never visit again and yet, we are always there. 

Somebody once showed me a quote, "I live in the past because most of my life is there". I think all my life is there only, left far far behind... deep in the clouds of past.

For whatever its worth, I got entry into the yearbook twice. We entered IIMA in 2005. First entry was when our PGP friends graduated in 2007. Second entry was when I graduated after an FPM in 2010. Sharing both the yearbook entries here... for this is what, nostalgia is made of. 


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