Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nature Walk at IIMI

Few days back, I organized a nature walk in IIMI campus, just the way we used to organize in IIMA campus. Although the turnout was very low (even as compared to A), it was totally worth it. In fact, before this nature walk, when I went for a long morning walk after over six months of thinking and many days of dilly-dallying, every bit of campus was fascinatingly captivating.

For this nature walk, bird identification was not much of an issue for me but since I was supposedly the only guide, I started reading about identifying trees also. Although as a result of this sudden mug-up about 100 trees left me all confused during the walk, whatever I could identify was good enough for my gentle comrades. Despite heavy construction activity, a lot of the 200 acre campus of IIM Indore is almost that untouched. So there is a great mix of giant old trees, rooting plants, untamed shrubs, and wild grass. En-route, we clicked those blooming trees of Amaltas, Gulmohar, Neem, Karanj, Jungle Jalebi, Monkey Puzzle, and many more.

Just as finding that colorful, slow-moving and oblivious of any camera presence caterpillar on an Arka shrub was a lottery during my lone morning walk, there was a lottery in the nature walk as well. I spotted three eggs of Red Wattled Lapwing. We clicked those eggs and we clicked the bird and we clicked the bird sitting on those eggs for many minutes. There were many more birds to watch and click then - greater coucal, silverbill, prinia, red-vented bulbul, sunbird and so on.

It was an amazing experience to be in the lap of the natural beauty so near our homes. However, beyond all this, the most heart-warming and beautiful memory a fortnight later is very different. The curiosity, enthusiasm, and happiness of a Calvin-aged girl superseded it all. Now I know why I love clicking kids and birds and trees only.... the innocent honest beings :)

P.S. - Pics will follow soon on my picture blog.


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