Saturday, January 15, 2011

Numbers and Numbers

Long long back... and by that, I mean, really long back, which would be around my days of teenage and youth, I had 2-3 friends whom I talked to daily and time would fly away like... like it did. I met them almost daily and yet we talked a lot on phone too. I remembered all their phone numbers. In fact, there were barely 10-12 numbers I ever had to call and I mostly remembered them all.

Now, I have a phone book that runs in about 10+ pages of print and more than 150 numbers in my phone's memory... none in my memory though. And there are some friends, so to say, when I want to talk. So whenever I want to talk to someone, I just scroll through that long list and... well, that takes enough time to save me from calling anyone and sharing the burden of being. I wonder how numbers were friends then and how numbers are contacts now.

I have discovered that scrolling through the phone book and imagining what you'd talk to each contact there is more fun than actually talking to them and keep listening to "so... what else". After all, they are not my 2-3 friends from long lost days of long long back. After all, they are they - some contacts.

P.S. - Here is a 'something' which i drew in MS paint in those good old days when i was surrounded by friends and often fantasized about solitude and loneliness. I never imagined it is so painfully horribly disgustingly lonely in here.


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