Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some old sketches

Found some old sketches in my files today and just thought of putting those up here. None very impressive though, but I love these. One reason is, perhaps, that among all the sketches, I ever drew, only these remain. Some thrown away, some gifted, and some - never sketched. Though these titles are completely fresh - I never gave titles to any of my sketches, just like my poems.

If you're still reading and want to have a look at these sketches, enlarge these and observe. There are so many faces, so many question-marks, and so many incomplete shapes. Perhaps, you may find me in there, or perhaps, yourself too.


खुदा देता है!

The Impressionist

P.S. - Interestingly, in my class six quarterly exams, I got 11 out of 50 in drawing. Evidently, I have not improved a lot, just learnt disguising the incompetence :)

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