Thursday, May 28, 2015

कोई है ख़ुदा तो जवाब दे

कभी कभी सोचते हैं हम कि ये सब किसलिए है? किसके लिए? जीवन के बारे में भी, लेकिन फिलहाल केवल इन ब्लॉग्स के बारे में.
ऐसे अंतहीन, लक्ष्यहीन ब्लॉग लिखते जाने का क्या मतलब? इसको कोई पढ़ता भी है या केवल बॉट्स टहल कर निकल जाते हैं! वैसे ही जैसे कोई रोज़ाना नमाज़ अता करे बिना ये जाने कि कहीं पहुंची भी दुआ या केवल हवा में घुल कर रह गयी…

कोई है ख़ुदा तो जवाब दे
मेरे सजदों का वो हिसाब दे 

नहीं है कहीं वो तो ना सही
वो न हो के लब्बो-लुआब दे 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The phase of Disenchantment

Till about a year ago, I was pretty active on Facebook - updating albums, sharing poetry, bugging friends, and discussing economics, politics, and and economics of politics. However, with the advent of Kejriwal and party, the atmosphere became so vitiated... and I could bear the strong ideological commitment but that wasn't there. All there was was a lot of noise, misinformation, and most bugging - idiocy. Utter rubbish fiction in the garb of facts, venomous opinions and allegations sans any idea of reality, and all that is said or done to be interpreted on the party lines. Worst, so many close friends and supposedly intellectually advanced beings from even IIMs behaved so badly - right from name calling to personal attacks - I decided to give up on Facebook... may be the place is fit for AAPtards or for cute cat sharing kids, basically all the brainless types.

I thought there would be better avenues perhaps. Twitter came to mind... but this was worse. Not so much of personal hounding etc. but everybody has a life-changing opinion in flat 140 characters and no scope for any sincere discussions or so. Mere opinions fly and idiocy has to be tolerated on the face value. Even before I could understand the ways of twitter, I was over that.

Few days back, I started getting active on Quora. It is a website, where people keep minimal profile, can ask questions, can answer others' questions, discuss the responses, and upvote-downvote those. I answered some of those questions and few got highly upvoted. Suddenly I encountered a lot of people following and asking a lot of questions. I felt a bit uncomfortable with so much of attention and at the same time, like it too. This was, perhaps, a more academic and tolerant place, where curious minds came together to seek knowledge rather than to show off their puny knowledge in their tiny heads. And then, the nightmare started again. Some AAPtards caught on - bombarding with negative questions, pestering with idiotic comments, personal attacks followed, and finally, I am fed up with Quora also!

I think those days were far better, when there was no social media. It is true that a lot of interesting people would never have been known to me and also a lot of information would have been missed out but at the same time, a lot larger number of utter idiots would also go out of sight. And what a world would it be sans so many idiots.... at least, I won't be getting disenchanted so easily!


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