Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lessons in History - Lest we forget!!

Writing these days has been quite a luxury. So when I wrote a long story for Facebook, thought of sharing here too - just for the record and longevity of the post. Original Hindi post comes after the English (rough) translation.


Go watch Airlift. Can you recall whose government was that in August 1990? PM VP Singh and Foreign Minister IK Gujral. There were warnings and signs of tensions and problems but all the great government of India did was to hug Saddam Hussain, the aggressor - and got no concessions in return. (Read History - IK Gujral did that at the height of aggression). 1.70 lakh Indians were evacuated but not in Kuwait. They had to travel a 1000 kilometers across borders to reach Oman. The operation lasted for 2 months and had a clerk not fought his way through, IK Gujral would have happily got those thousands Indians killed.

Go back a little more and recall August 1972 - Idi Amin, the mad dictator of Uganda, warned Indians to leave his country within 90 days. The Iron Lady - Indira Gandhi - warned him against aggression and Idi Amin couldn't care less. Sadly, Indira's warnings worked in India only. We severed our diplomatic relations suddenly, making escape even more miserable for those thousands of Indians.

Now, recall Operation Raahat - Yemen, April 2015. The aggression started on March 27, 2015 and government of India started the evacuation on April 1st. The operation was complete on 11 April, 2015. Before you jump on numerical comparisons, GoI was issuing warnings much in advance, had slowed down visa issues, and had taken the non-essential staff off-duty. This is what is called the governance and the government!

Now don't you forget whose government was there in April 2015!!


एयरलिफ्ट देखिये. अगस्त १९९० में किसकी सरकार थी याद करिये. विश्वनाथ प्रताप सिंह की सरकार और विदेश मंत्री थे इन्द्र कुमार गुजराल. महीनों तक बढ़ते तनाव के बावजूद कोई तैयारी नहीं की गयी थी. १ लाख ७० हज़ार को बचाया ज़रूर लेकिन कुवैत जाकर नहीं, १ हज़ार किलोमीटर दूर ओमान बुलाकर. दो महीने तक एयरलिफ्ट करना पड़ा. अगर एक क्लर्क ना जूझा होता तो गुजराल साहब सद्दाम हुसैन से गले ही मिलते रहते बस (इतिहास पढ़िए - खाड़ी युद्ध के दौरान हमलावर सद्दाम से गले मिले थे गुजराल और अमरीका को कोसा था - क्यों?!!).

इसके बाद याद करिये १९७२ में भारतीयों को ९० दिन की चेतावनी देने वाले ईदी अमीन के दिन. उन ९० दिनों के दौरान युगांडा को चेतावनी देने वाली इंदिरा सरकार सिवाय एक तिनका न हिला पायी. बस अपने कूटनीतिक रिश्ते तोड़ लिए और युगांडा में बसे भारतीयों का निकलना और दूभर कर दिया. अपने दम पर कुछ ४-५ हज़ार भारतीय भारत पहुंचे और हज़ारों अन्य दुसरे देशों की शरण में जाने को मजबूर हुए.
इसके बाद याद करिये २०१५ का यमन में चला ऑपरेशन राहत. २७ मार्च को हमला हुआ और चौथे दिन से "राहत" शुरू. ११ अप्रैल को ऑपरेशन पूर्ण. इस हमले के महीनों पहले से ही भारत सरकार चेतावनी दिए जा रही थी. वीसा देने में कमी कर दी थी. गैर-ज़रूरी स्टाफ को निकाल लिया था. इसको कहते हैं सरकार. अब याद रखियेगा कि अप्रैल २०१५ में किसकी सरकार थी.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Power of Stupid - 2

See The Power of Stupid - 1 Here.

And besides leftist morons, there is another, more dangerous, type of stupids. The Apologists. They apologise, explain, excuse, blame others, create confusions, and deflect targets on behalf of each and every violent, uncivilized, and unacceptable act of their dear fellows - the leftists, the muslims, and the terrorists. They are the masters of phrases related to "we condemn this but...", "whataboutery", "see what others did", and so on!

So I found such an idiot in my Facebook list - blaming all humans for an Islamic practice called Taharrush. When I informed her that it is them who should be condemned and not everyone else, she kept on deflecting from the topic. Another idiot friend of hers joined to vomit more idiocy - humans are bad, Mahabharata also is violent and 5 husbands! See - it is not only the cult of Islam, which is violent and vulgar but everyone else is as well.
Copying the whole thing here, as it survived. In the process, some of my comments were deleted by her. After 2-3 days, I realised that and reposted some of those comments. Needless to say, I was unfriended soon for telling her what stupid means.

Makes you wish for extinction of human race..
This is just disturbing.
Siddhartha Rastogi extinction of human race?? for the crimes of muslims alone? great sense of justice!!
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja Selective extinction then? Why? What about good Muslims then? Here we are talking about masses.. It's not a few psychopaths.. Its a lotttt of people!
Siddhartha Rastogi Then say that about bad muslims. Why extinction of good humans then?

Also, Taharrush is a religious principle based practice. So curse such a religion for extinction if you are so worried about good vs. bad!
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja I actually am against all religions so...
Siddhartha Rastogi Great. Then let all religions be extinct... but wait - what about the good religions then?
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja What about them? People are good or bad.. Why bring religion into everything..
Siddhartha Rastogi Well, we are going in circles. Let me reiterate it again for you:
- We want good things (religions, people) to stay and bad ones to go extinct (or exterminated?)
- Taharrush is a bad practice, based on the core principles of a religion...See More
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja Every religion can have good bad evil practices.. Its the choice of adoption that lies with an individual.. And what about humanity? If religion is teaching them to be inhuman and absolutely barbaric then why isn't everyone from that religion so...
Siddhartha Rastogi Actually they are. And those who aren't are not following "that" religion properly. Therefore, according to the "religion", they must also be killed - just like you and me, because we also do not follow "that" religion.
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja I dint think it was THAT bad..
Siddhartha Rastogi then please read more about the religion and think again.
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja I don't want to actually.. No interest in reading about any religion..
Siddhartha Rastogi So you don't know, won't read, and yet, would judge! Some guts! stupid guts but still!!
LikeReply25 mins
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja U are no one to judge as well.. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion .. I may think u r stupid.. Am not I..
LikeReply18 mins
Siddhartha Rastogi Well, by definition is stupid is someone lacking common sense; like expressing opinions without reading and refusing to read and then, deleting those comments that point out their stupidity!
LikeReply1 min
Siddhartha Rastogi
Write a reply...
Pamini Brahmbhatt Honestly irrespective of religion and fair point of view, this is so shameful to be practised by humans that its not only disgrace for a certain people but for entire human race to have let anything like being practised.
Pamini Brahmbhatt Mahabharat took place because a wife with 5 husbands was tried to be raped and hence god had to intervened. In geeta it says if a nation cannot protect a lady, it better be diminished or destroy the evil irrespective of cast, religion and race. The fact that we indian girls are sharing this post which is happening far away from us means this kind of things is reaching us too may be digitally, its affected me and everyone who will read this post. Hence, i pray to god to rather face extinction then live in the world where such hideous crimes which shrivers the soul takes place. Really Game of Rape? Who cares about the good or bad people, either bad be dead or entire race faces extinction.
Akshita Bhatnagar Taneja True.. Why would anyone want to bring a new life into such a horrible world .. It may reach us or it may not but knowing that there are people who are living this life with things much worse happening to them.. It makes u wish that everything should end.. With it their suffering will end too..
Pamini Brahmbhatt Ye! Humans are on top of chain as we have free will. And if free will is leading us to destruction of everything that suppose to be only beautiful than we better be extinct, animals were doing great without us anyway. No nuclear wars, no pollutions, no religion to guide and hence no misunderstood religion, Earth remains green and ever flourishing. Really i never thought i will never come across anything like this. A rape game, it just seems so disturbing that my faith in humans has shaken. Its sick of me saying this but a serial killer is better thn sch monsters atleast they have some mental problem, thr moral part of brain doesn't work and hence they end up killing people as they dont feel pain but what abt these people?


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