Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The spectrum of life...

The unusual things I did in past few days:

Bird-watching at Lodhi Garden
Gardening and pruning trees
Watched a snake cross the road in front of my car
Teaching history
Reading Ambedkar, Lohia, and Golwalkar
Exercising with tread-mill
Cleaned up house 
Experimental Cooking
Witnessed a Bulbul and Robin fighting for a juicy grasshopper
Planned an international vacation
Air Travel for apparently no reason
Food walk in mid-night market
Attended stand-up act
Got myself a new credit card
Poetry recital without getting hooted
Put up a night out (almost)
Cracked jokes which nobody understood
Scolded people in public
Found a snake hiding behind a dustbin
Ate at Subway
Read some horoscopes
Got one research paper accepted
Raided hostels and penalized students
Hosted Antakshari on stage
Ramp walk 
Fighting with some jackasses 
Presented Bouquets 
Inaugurated a fest
Gifted books and got the book-gifts
Delivered an inaugural lecture 
Drove with full speakers on
Ate a 2 kg papaya
Listed all unusual things I did in past few days


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