Friday, June 19, 2009

And another batch...

It's again that time of the year... a fresh batch is arriving at IIMA to begin their two year journey. Soon the campus will be all full with people and along with them, chanting of cases facts, cribs, and dreams. Although this batch is coming at the time of recession and yet, paying the highest fee charged till date; the batch is held special due to one single reason - about 1/5th members are from the fairer sex, a new record for IIMA.

But some things never change... Today I saw a fresher girl and her mother roaming around the campus and peeping inside mess, trying not to step into anywhere wrong. Yesterday, there was a group of parents, reading every display in the 132 feet gallery in the underpass.

I found it really interesting and moving to see parents coming with their 'small' children, taking a tour around the campus and gaping at the architectural wonders, 'fachchas' discovering the campus, finding places, forgetting ways, entering library in awe, asking for tips from seniors, and quizzing about the places to see in and around the campus. Well... here are my best wishes to the last batch I'd be seeing as a student

Friday, June 5, 2009

How well do you know Siddhartha Rastogi?

In the pile of those thousands of quizzes on Facebook, I am also a culprit of contributing one - "How well do you know Siddhartha Rastogi?". The seven question quiz was taken by ten friends so far. Although their scores varied between 1/7 to 5/7, I think most of them chose the second best, if not the correct answer.

About friends who took the quiz, Puja and (surprisingly) Rasika scored the highest, i.e. - 71% but the real surprise was score of Meha at 14% and even Priyanka at 42% - I was hoping much higher scores for both. Now I want to see Gunjan's result, as I hope he would get most of them right.

Following is the quiz and a little blabbering about the questions and responses by yours truly :)

How well do you know Siddhartha Rastogi?

1) At a party, what would I definitely be doing?
a) gulping kegs of beer
b) dancing on the dance floor
c) chatting with friends
d) hitting on hot chicks
e) Sitting silently and observing people

Most of my friends thought that I'd be chatting with friends. Well that was my second best answer. Normally, I sit silently in some cozy corner, observing and reading people.

2) What would be the perfect present for me?
a) electronics and gadgets
b) books
c) clothes
d) cards and crafts

Most of the friends got it right - books. And few chose the second best as well - cards and crafts.

3) What is my dream profession?
a) Teacher
b) Politician
c) Assassin
d) Social Worker

True that I'll be in teaching profession but that is the real world. In my dream world, I am a politician, ruler, policy maker, and dictator. Most of my friends knew only the reality, not my dream profession.

4) If I had one day left to live, how would I live it?
a) Call and meet up all the friends
b) kill all the people on my hitlist
c) confess my love to all my crushes
d) eat, drink, and be merry

I bet that very few can guess it - my lists still remain somewhat secret. Some chose the second best of calling up friends and some even chose the third best of confessing my crushes. However, few know me so closely that they knew I'd prefer clearing the backlog on my 'hitlist' to cleanse this world.

5) I am most happiest when ________?
a) I talk to friends
b) I read
c) I kick some a**
d) I daydream

Yes, I am a dreamer - a man of thought. But most of my friends know me as an avid reader only and they chose option b only. I wonder why nobody thinks some ass-kicking makes me happy, when in fact it does ;)

6) What did I want to be when I was little?
a) Teacher
b) Armyman
c) Writer
d) Businessman

I always wanted to be a teacher when I was young. Army was my second choice. When I grew up, my second choice was struck out and my first choice became the reality, only to be replaced by the dream of another 'first choice' of politics. However, writing and business always attracted me as a romantic possibility only and never as a full time career option.

7) I am least likely to believe in
a) God
b) Ghosts
c) Communism
d) Dreams

This was a cracker - I truly believe in Dreams, God, and Ghosts; but Communism?? Come on... Surely! you must be joking Mr. Marx.

There were many more questions and many kept on popping inside my top-floor vacuum till even days later but you know, I've already told you a lot. As a final pointer, beyond this garb of some small information, there is a lot more to know :P

P.S. - Gunjan took the quiz and answered 6 correctly out of 7 - highest thus far. I knew he won't let me down :)


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