Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who breaks the thread

Today, I was in the process of updating my contact address and phone number with my insurance company. For user confirmation, they asked my most memorable date. I told them the date. I also wanted to tell them that why that date was the most memorable. I wanted to tell them that that date will always remain the most memorable. I wanted to tell them that there is a most forgettable date also. But at the end, I just told them the date and they thanked me for it.

And then, in one of my friends' notes, there was this line -

Who breaks the thread -
the one who pulls, the one who holds on?

Yes! I know that I pulled the thread. I pulled it and kept pulling. When I was done pulling, I realized that the other end was already left lose. They were already gone long before they were gone. And I am left there with some dates, lots of threads, and yet another mourning...

wasn't there some couplet like
रिश्तों की डोर किसी तरह सुलझती ही नहीं
खत जला डालिये मगर तहरीर तो जलती ही नहीं


nidhi said...

so the answer which i provided to ur question was right or wrong??

Sid said...

@ Nidhi - you'll know the moment you know that you cannot know. There ain't no right or wrong answers. There are not even right or wrong questions.
Relationships (and life) are not about winning or losing, holding or pulling, remembering or forgetting...
The only important thing is that the thread is broken... all threads break... all things fall apart... and at the end, all men die (which doesn't imply that all men live.)

nidhi said...

Neither all threads break nor all things fall apart unless one want to...
and we know that death is the ultimate destination then also we dont stop living nor do other things take a look around u and you will get the answers
Relationships as well a life are not about winning or losing , holding or pulling, remembering or forgetting ... but there are to be treasured and fostered with love and care


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