Saturday, October 2, 2010

The girl in the painting

Long long back, my didi painted her. She stayed in my room for three years before didi got married and took her to her new home. I felt as if that wall was also alone without her.

On my next birthday, when didi asked what do I want, i asked if she could return back. Didi happily obliged us both :)

For the past ten years, she is there. But for the past five years, she is again alone as I was in Ahmedabad.

Now I have enough empty walls in my home in Indore but somehow, she has become a part of my room back at home in Lucknow.

Whether she is with me or not, she will always remain the most beautiful and cherished painting of my life.

It is just a coincidence that she is a painting. She could have been a person as well. I think she is.

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Ritika Rastogi said...

I completely agree with u, sometimes there are things u have a relation with, yes,they are lifeless for everyone but not for u.
Lucknow se jaate waqt jo cheez mujhe sabse zyada rokti hai.. wo hai mere ghar se main road tak jaane waali gali. Kabhi-2 lagta hai ki use sabke saamne uthkar mujhe rok lena chahiye.


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