Tuesday, November 2, 2010


There is Wisdom and there is profound wisdom. And then there is XKCD.

XKCD isn't an abbreviation. It is a web-comic, created by an erstwhile NASA scientist - Randall Munroe. As obvious, the strips are full of comp-sci, tech, mathematics, geeky themes. But there also are movies, love, sex, the life, universe, and everything. Here are some of my favorites - all from XKCD.

This one helped a lot in making a choice between corporate and academia ;)

and here is the reason of all my problems -
looking for meaning in wrong places, e.g. - in the world.

and one more thing - its more fun on the website coz as you scroll over the comic strip, there is another fun-liner. Like this one -

Ahh... these truths of life. And how am I gonna encounter this one too - soon :(

Indeed... I tried matching logic with love but then, only their beginnings are common -
after two letter, they are different words and different worlds.

I wonder how 'real' the comic is. or rather, how comic my 'real' life is!!


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