Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am becoming God

And I am pretty darn serious about it. Though I realized it today morning only that I am becoming God - or actually a poor look alike of several Gods.

Those who meet me even for the first time often find my face familiar. No wonder in that. From some particular angles (and that means all), my face looks like a modern reincarnation of Lord Hanuman. Imagine that with a complexion 2.39 shade fairer than Goddess Kali and there, you find me. Any of my professors can certify that my brain is as good as Nandi, the revered bull of Lord Shiva. I also have the height of Vaaman, the n-th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. My irritating activities are just like another incarnation of Lord Vishnu - Varaah - by the ready declaration of my mother (actually she says 'suar' every time I irritate her and also when I don't).

And now raison d'etre of this sudden flash of self-actualization. After months and weeks of strongest determinations and most seriously well-laid plans, I finally began some exercising today. And that was when I realized that I became 'more God-like'. I looked at my tummy which is, now, just like Lord Ganesh's.

Now you better watch what you say about me coz at this speed, I may soon become more God than God :D


deep said...

:O its not good for human beings to become so much GOD like...so i hope soon u wud be more like us.. :P

Sid said...

@ Deep - It may not be good for human beings to become God like, but I never claimed to be a human anyways. I was worried on becoming God like coz, obviously, nobody likes a demotion.

Srivats said...

LOL avatars!


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