Thursday, January 21, 2010

गुलज़ार, जयपुर, और एक बरस

Gulzar!!! The maestro signed this autograph exactly one year ago, when I was in Jaipur for a poetry workshop. Exactly one year after that fateful day, I am again in Jaipur. This time, I am attending the Jaipur Literature Festival. Gulzar is one of the speakers on the very first day and I am hoping for some good clicks of him. I may not even get to speak to him this time; perhaps, at most, would get to see him up close... but then, that is what makes the day a year ago so special for that was the day when, in reaction to my poem, he hugged and blessed me.

Hope to have something more to write about once I return :)

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Srivats said...

wow good for you man


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