Monday, January 18, 2010

তুমি কেমোন আচ্ছো? Très Bien! शुक्रिया!

Watched life's first Tamil movie today. The movie was good but more than that, I realized that how true an old friend was in observing that Tamil is a very rhythmic and sort of 'musical' language. However, the realization does little to affect my wish-list of learning favorite languages - Bangla, french, and Urdu (apart from obviously lovable Hindi and English).

Long back, I took the Business French course at IIMA and that was enough to fall in Love with the language of romantics. Around the same time, I took few lessons in Bangla from a friend. I didn't get to practice much of French afterwards but the notebook is still on my work-pile. And Bangla - I've tried a few times and been listening to Bangla songs too. Someday, I'll devote more attention to both these languages... some day. Urdu is also high on cards and among the three in wish-list, I am conversant in this one only, don't know the script though.

And why these languages only?? Coz there is some specialty in all of these. Great literature is the obvious guess but there is more to it. Hindi sounds to me like a call from a friend. English is, although, for professional usage but progressively, it is the language in which I think. The delicacy of Urdu is like sweetness in ears, like I speak to a valued guest - the language of manners and etiquette. French stirs sweetness in heart - like I would want to speak to treasured beloved - the language of romance. And Bangla... the sweetness is incomparable, for it is the language that sounds like mother has just called.

P.S. - The title is in three parts and three languages. First is Bangla, asking 'how are you?'; second is French, answering 'very good!', and ; third is Urdu (in Devnaagri script), saying 'Thank you!'.


deep said...

ohh..thats so wonderful...the way u have explained the reasons why u like the 3 languages .. :)

Lemme Think said...

oh my god!!! I have wanted to learn bengali and urdu since ages. Don't know when that will happen. but French- ce n'est pas un problem :)

Sid said...

@ Green and Deep - Thanks a lot :)

@ Lemme Think - If only you had told me this when you were here, I'd have taught you Urdu at the least. Anyways, nice to hear from you after soooo long :)


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