Monday, January 4, 2010

गम रोज़गार के

As per the last count, there are as many as eighteen 'draft' posts that I have written and not published. Some of these 18 are just title, whereas some need a finishing touch only. It is just a matter of time when I decide that most of these are too old to publish and finally delete them. That backlog notwithstanding, I hope to run a series of posts on my two blogs pretty soon. There are few ideas as well - some theme based 'a picture a day for a week' type series for my photo blog and to write about policy, politics, economics, history, and similar interest areas on this blog. But as they say, if wishes were horses...

And these grand plans of interminable blogging because within next week, I am hoping to submit a defensible draft of my thesis for the final examination. And after that.... No, I'll not be completely free to do all the nothing I always wanted. Although I wish to run few whole day movie extravaganzas, to finish some long pending backlog of literature and other readings, some days of documentaries and subsequent research in my interest areas, and to catch up with some most desired trips with a toothbrush and a camera.

As the thesis work comes to a close, I am beginning to realize that now I have to run from pillar to post for an academic position and got to finish few papers, proposals, projects, and ponderings too. If this is the situation while I am still not done with my PhD and still not out of the campus, I don't want to know what will be the scene once I am out. I don't know how much time will I be able to pull out of my professional obligations to pursue my dreams... or even the time to miss my dreams... as Faiz wrote:

दुनिया ने तेरी याद से बेगाना कर दिया
तुझसे भी दिलफ़रेब हैं गम रोज़गार के


Srivats said...

All the best with your thesis and may the year be filled with lovely trips with toothbrush and camera.

deep said...

plans, plans...and some more plans..
good luck..

Sid said...

Thanks Srivats... I am taking the first leap next week and then, planned many more within next month :)

Thanks Deep :)


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