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Poetic geniuses - 3

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It's 80th birth anniversary of Jaun Eliya today. He was a genius beyond comparison across generations of Urdu poets, albeit much less praised than his fair share. Born in Amroha town of Ruhelkhand region of United Province of undivided India, he shifted to pakistan in 1957, after 10 years of independence. If we pose a 'What If' here, perhaps this may prove to be a bad move for his poetic career. Eliya was a communist, a radical, an anarchist, and as a consequence, not acceptable to the paksitani regime. Pakistan never bestowed upon him the deserved respect and instead, promoted mediocre but more acceptable poets.

He was a scholar of many languages, including Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu, Persian, English and Hebrew. After his divorce in 1984, he turned alcoholic, fell in depression, and spent many years of his creative peak in a mental asylum. That was also the time, when he created his best compositions and mastered his style of rendition. Perhaps the event which broke him the most also made him the most.

He had the freshest imagery in the new era of Urdu poetry, which replaced the great classical school of Urdu poetry. I find myself at a loss of expressions in fathoming the depth of the poetry of Jaun Eliya. It is amazing to read him and realize what a real shock his extreme simplicity can give. However, it is even grander to watch him reciting - he is a mad man; and such beauty of madness... I'd close with few couplets of Jaun Eliya.

उस की याद की बाद-ए-सबा में और तो क्या होता होगा,
यूँ ही मेरे बाल हैं बिखरे, और बिखर जाते होंगे
किसी लिबास की ख़ुशबू जब उड़ के आती है
तेरे बदन की जुदाई बहुत सताती है
क्या तकल्लुफ्फ़ करें ये कहने में
जो भी खुश है हम उससे जलते हैं
अजब था उसकी दिलज़ारी का अन्दाज़
वो बरसों बाद जब मुझ से मिला है
भला मैं पूछता उससे तो कैसे
मताए-जां तुम्हारा नाम क्या है
साल-हा-साल और इक लम्हा
कोई भी तो न इनमें बल आया
खुद ही इक दर पे मैंने दस्तक दी
खुद ही लड़का सा मैं निकल आया
रिश्ता-ए-दिल तेरे ज़माने में
रस्म ही क्या निबाहनी होती
मुस्कुराए हम उससे मिलते वक्त
रो न पड़ते अगर खुशी होती
शर्म, दहशत, झिझक, परेशानी
नाज़ से काम क्यों नहीं लेतीं
आप, वो, जी, मगर ये सब क्या है
तुम मेरा नाम क्यों नहीं लेतीं
ज़िन्दगी किस तरह बसर होगी
दिल नहीं लग रहा मुहब्बत में
अब फकत आदतों  की वर्जिश है
रूह शामिल नहीं शिकायत में
गिला है इक गली से शहर-ए-दिल की
मैं लड़ता फिर रहा हूँ शहर भर से

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