Thursday, June 30, 2011

The snake in my backyard

Some pics from few days back, when a snake was spotted in my backyard. I rushed back from office to home but I didn't miss picking up my camera before that :D

So this is how the hunt began
and went on for two hours...

And after a lot of circus,
the snake was killed.
The idea was to catch it in a jute-bag,
but it ran so furiously that...
Can you see its forked tongue?

Let's take a closer look at the 'face' now.

And there stood the valiant ones -
shaking badly upon sighting the snake
but gloating in gallantry soon after the killing.

The poor snake went on for some time like this in pain

and then, it was taken to a ground at some distance

to be burnt and put to rest,
and to drop the the curtains on the drama....


Archit Shrivastava said...

woho..that was a big one

Missy Baba said...


Sid said...

Archit - it was scarily huge.

Shin - I know... I would also have loved had it ran off to the jungle nearby :(


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