Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who said 'I Love You' on my feedback?!!

So I got my teaching feedback....

The short story is that after joining Economics faculty of IIM Indore, I began teaching Microeconomics to two sections of PGP (a.k.a. MBA) first term. I handled only the post mid-term part - reason - less load to new kid on the block. And as the maddening pace of teaching, quizzes, and exam ended, I rushed to submit the final grades as soon as I could and began waiting for my first official feedback. And after a lot of dillydally, snatched my feedback forms from the program office.

185 ratings on a scale of 0 to 9. It was fun reading through those anonymous feedback forms - love, hate, sympathy, encouragement, preaching, advice, blanks, and what not. Some want me to be less friendly, more authoritative, more strict, less interactive.... and some want me to be more open and more communicative. Some want another book, more cases, more sessions, only lectures and some want only powerpoint slides and lesser attention to details. Some suggest me to prepare more and be more confident and some think I am very clear with concepts and very enthusiastic and confident.

I am not sure which group to believe. In fact, one section is clearly ahead of the other in praising and supporting me. The solace is that despite this being my first attempt at teaching an IIM PGP class, I scored reasonably well. However, there are some comments I can't resist sharing. Like one guy thinks I am a total jerk and should quit teaching. He seemed so pissed off, I hope he doesn't demand a refund. But that was the lowest score-giver. Some others thought I am nice, friendly, approachable, energetic, and putting some real hard work. In fact, one girl gave me a 10 on a scale of 0 to 9. Evidently, that is some girl, as the comments afterward suggest that I am cute and lovable. On second thoughts, I wish that is not a guy.


deep said...

:D students..!! :-/ i have really started feeling, we can never meet their expectations!! there will always be at least one group, unsatisfied by our methods. Sometimes it becomes lil discouraging when no. of such students is inversely proportional to the efforts taken!!
But anyways, here it looks like you have got some real fans around :)
All the best!!

Manisha said...

ha ha awesome !!!!! :)
and just tells us how fickle we are as students or human beings infact !!!!


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