Friday, August 6, 2010

This time shall pass

During my last days at IIMA, my best friend told me a story of Akbar and Birbal. Akbar asked Birbal what words would he say to make a laughing man cry and a crying man laugh. Birbal replied - This time shall pass.

I have taken most important decisions of my life in a flash - be it leaving Colvin Taluqdars' for taking commerce or leaving IRMA or leaving life behind and jumping in a void. These sudden flash decisions gave me a tough time for many days but in retrospect, those were the most cherished days. In the language of Calvin and Hobbes, they built my character.

I had taken another flash decision few days back and I left everything that was there. I guess I am still in the period where my character is being built. I hope that in retrospect, this time will also be cherished. Once, honored ustaad Sheen Kaaf Nizaam sahib told me - "Siddharth hi rahna, Buddh na ban jaana". I guess for the time being, I am defying the honored ustaad... but then, This time shall pass!!

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