Sunday, August 29, 2010

Samay O......... Dheere Chalo...!!!

This random song player is a wonderful thing. It knows which songs to play when.

Late last night, one of my closest friends - Parimal - called up to ask if I remember his high-school crush, who lived nearby. Withstanding my reputation, I did remember all her details that were known to us. He found her through Facebook photo tags in some common friend's album. He, in fact, also discovered that her name is slightly different from what we always thought it to be. Although they got talking further but she is a different person now... long gone the cute girl in her school dress and pigtail.

I sometimes wonder how Emma looks like now!! Thinking of her, it hardly matters now. In my inner world, she is always the same Emma - in her pink-gray uniform, small black wristwatch, calm demeanor, and killer smile :D. May be, some day I too will find her tagged in some album... and then, who knows - may be another blog post!!

Today morning, I switched on some music on my laptop and was just roaming in the house, thinking of all those talks of last night. And then, the 'random' player digged out this long lost ghazal - "koi chaudahavi raat ka chaand ban kar..." This was the first ghazal I ever heard - a late summer night, sitting on the banks of Gomti, listening it in Parimal's voice, and imagining Emma.

As the track ended and the initial music of the next track began, I prayed it not to be the one... but it was. It was "teri khushboo mein base khat main jalaata kaise" - the ghazal I heard first during the days of 'moving on'. I heard this one too with million thoughts - happy that Emma happened, sad that I never had Emma, and philosophical for I will always have Emma.

The next track playing was "samay o..... dheere chalo"

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