Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adios Amigos

I used to think that 'best friends' and 'friends for life' are found in innocent school days and in laid back graduation days only and that people in competitive and professional places like IIMA cannot become as close. I couldn't be more wrong.

One of my FPM batchmates left us few hours ago for his onwards journey and another one of us will leave in few hours. I never thought I would be getting senti for the people I so rarely hangout with... I cannot imagine what will happen for the people I so dearly hangout with.

And just before leaving, this friend created another page of cherishing memory. Coming back from a late night movie, I slept at two. And just two hours later, in the midst of my dream, there was a banging on the door.... a hazy one at first and then a loud one. I jumped out of bed - sleepy, shocked, and aghast. As I was alone in the whole dorm, I was afraid too and there wasn't a soul in site. And then there was giggling - two of them banged the door and were hiding. That was meant for a little farewell fun and I absolutely gave them what they wanted - a shocked face, a frozen voice, and some shocked "who's there... who's this" calls. As I regained my senses and we sat chatting, we decided to knock the door of other friends too.

As we sat chatting at 530 in morning after some more knocks (thanks to me that there were no more door-banging), we recalled a lot of old things - the initial days and the ends, the hangouts and stresses, the closeness and estrangements, the dreams and nostalgia... and what not... I am no longer a student and I never again will be. These are the buddies of my last student days. I am nostalgic for those days, for these friends, for this campus... but I do not feel sad. To me, farewells do not mean forgetting or moving on... they spell cherishing and missing people for life.

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