Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Diaries

I started writing diary as a result of my obsessive compulsive disorder of collecting and listing every random piece of information. I made my first diary in class IV to note jokes, riddles, and fascinating facts. After a while, I realized that it is a messy business and I do not like same jokes or riddles over time. After tearing off that diary, I made another for noting quotations and the lines I liked in the books I read. Soon the diary got heavier with noting of small couplets and poems. Later on, I started writing diary on my own, mostly about how I spent my day.

However, the real diary-panache began a little after I started writing poems myself. Initially, it was all in one diary - a big bundle of everything. Then, I made separate diaries for everything - my own poetry, the collections of others' works, personal diary, and also a slam-diary - on the lines of a slam-book, in which my friends can scribble anything they wish. Below are a few shots of all my present diaries - a large number I'd say. However, among all my old and new ones, I really miss the one which didi had read - after shredding that in small pieces, I and Parimal blew that at night in Gomti river. That was perhaps my most precious diary for it was full of memories of Emma.

All My Diaries
The ones for collection

And the two for my poetry

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Renu said...

came here surfing:)

NIce collection of diaries..even I had for my personal thoughts, one each for my different hobbies, then one for future planning etc etc. tore away the first one..may be now do the same for all slowly slowly:)


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