Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life is Arbitrary!

Seriously, life is arbitrary.

Just got off the phone after talking to a friend, who was not keen to live any longer. I tried highlighting all the life's worth and life in life that lies ahead. I think my pep talk was helpful and the conversation ended up with a delightful good night.

And as I sat in front of my comp, chatting to another friend, I came to know that her very close friend passed away. I never even imagined world's most chirpy person sounding so grave. Life is really, really arbitrary.

During the preparatory programme at IIMA, I gave an impromptu talk on life. Among many positive points on life, I remember quoting that "life is not worth living" and that "life is a sexually transmitted disease". Today, I realize it all over again that how worthy and precious life is, not only for oneself but also for all those whose life is connected with the one.

The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" gave a really great perspective about this thought. However, seeing that in a film with the guardian angel in the background and experiencing the ironies and mockeries of life personally are two entirely different things. In the former, life is wonderful. In the latter, life is arbitrary! Damn arbitrary!!


deep said...

and sometimes it behaves weirdly

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

life will always remain a mystery.......

Void said...

Its a Wonderful Life, does put a life in perspective.. nice movie that.
I like ur blog, gonna bookmark it

Sid said...

Dear Deep, Cynosure, and Void - Thanks for reading and commenting. I wrote this post in a pang of rage, as life was treating some of my very close friends so harshly. But I hope that I am back to my long-term optimism mode now.

Yes, life is arbitrary, weird, mysterious, and much more... but perhaps, that is all a part of it that makes living more fun.

After all, what is the value of truth if there isn't any lie and what is the fun in life if there ain't no weirdness ;)

Keep smiling :)

Jiten said...

Well hiya ....This is jiten was just going through your blog... you really write... would love to meet you over a cup of coffee and discuss so many things....

Sid said...

Hi Jiten, thanks for your admiration :)

Well... I never refuse coffee and I never run out of things to talk about - specially if I get to do the talking :D

Anyways, are you from IIMA?


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