Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Frankly my dear... I don't give a damn!

I don't know why some people think they are so important that someone would be wasting their time and efforts for them. I guess some people are like that - so damn a liar that they lie even to oneself (and yet profess the virtues of truth). Another characteristic of such losers is that they live in delusions of self-grandeur and belief that everybody is trying to measure up to them and is expecting them to budge. Perhaps, they should realize that even if they were important once upon a time, they might have lost all their significance now.

To all such liars and losers, my one line response is - Frankly my dear... I don't give a DAMN!!

P.S. - As I said a few days ago, "a worthy message shall find a worthy recipient"©, I know this message will reach the 'worthy' (or shall I say the worthless) one, whether they are 100 meters away or 1661 kilometers away.

1 comment:

Jatin Chowdhary said...

"worthy message shall find a worthy recipient"
yes, it will and then its worthiness will increase manifold....


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