Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Library

This February, a stock taking of my library revealed that there are some 1,050 listed books now. What started as a small column in my study shelf, when I was in class 3 or so, has grown into this. After meticulously indexing them all over so many years, now I've plans for computerized indexing and some better system of classification. After all, I'm aspiring to read and collect many more such thousands.
So here is a peep at my collection back home only - there is a tip of this iceberg in my dorm-room also :D

This is the First Shelf, with literature for children - my childhood book collection, poetry books (in the front row), literary magazines, and some general knowledge books. Since my high-school, this shelf has seen very low movement except for the front row.

Next is the shelf of Hindi literature - full of classics, contemporary literature, pocket books, and Hindi translations of other language books as well. This shelf has been on a slow growth path since my graduation.

And the third shelf has noted highest inflow in the past few years. This one houses English literature - Classics, contemporary, Indian authors, translated ones, and some periodicals.

And here is a full view of the three shelves in my room at home - space crunched with multiple rows and arrangements, waiting for another shelf, or may be, a full library and reading room in my soon-to-be new home.

And every single piece of this collection carries a stamp that reads this -->


Dheeraj Kr Pandey said...

awesome collection buddy !

Chiranjeev Singh said...

you have been collected book since third...great!
btw nice way to put ur name on books...

deep said...

admirable...and inspiring collection..

Sid said...

Thank you all :)

Koushik said...

I had one that kind at my home. I can not afford this kind of inspiring collection in my nomadic life.
Keep it up.

sanya said...

dont hv words nw......speechless


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