Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dharti Ka Bojh

For sometime now, I've been too undisciplined - waking up till late night, getting up even later, too much surfing on net, and too less of work. I was always known as very sincere at work and the earliest rising guy in the dorm / class etc. In fact, when I was at ICC, I used to wake up at 5:30 and get ready by 7:00.

However, I am not very worried about my sleeping or waking schedules. At the moment, what concerns me the most is breaking the 'Barrier'. I casually went to the gym at IIMA with a friend and even more casually, stood on the weighing scale and whoooosshhhhh thud clunk dhadaaaaaaammmmm!!! Within a nanosecond, my entire life flashed before my eyes. Well, not really. Just that I descended the scale quickly, smiled sheepishly, and ran away from the scene as soon as I could with all that bulge.

Yes! For the first time in my life, I burdened mother Earth with more than 70 kg (71.6, to be precise) and I was feeling every bit of that. My BMI (Body Mass Index) was knocking on the doors of fat from fit. I mean such uncountable bulges - I feared the fat guy described by Woody Allen was not far from me and soon, just like his, my eyes will also be fat.

So scared was I that I've already started living off more fruits and less of mess and canteen oil-dipped supplies. Then three days ago, I made a brief morning time-table on the white board in my room and that reads something like this:

0700 wake-up
0700-0730 room clean and brush
0730-0800 exercise and yog
0800-0830 mail check
0830-0900 breakfast
0900-0930 bath and get ready for studies

And I gladly announce that for the first time in my life, a time table has not been broken for two consecutive days. Yes! To my own utter amazement, I've followed it for two days now. Let's see how long I carry on with my whims and those bulges of fat but for the time being, I am trying to reduce the 'Dharti ka bojh'.

P.S. - And yes, it is important coz I want that achchha sa, disciplined bachcha back and more importantly, I'm yet to get married and fat before marriage is Bad. What? After that? Who cares ;)

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Meghna said...

Hey.. thanks for adding me on ur buddy list...

Our.. lives are similar!!!! I m just getting to be worried about my BMI (even after marriage!)and for this reason just a week ago we got a treadmill at home. I have taken the challenge to reduce about 15 kilos in the next 6 months.. and in my life as well.. i have not been so obese what I am right now!!! I guess, we will keep each other motivated with common goals (he he!)


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