Sunday, September 6, 2015

What do Teachers make?

Long back, I had read a comic-strip by a school teacher from USA. He tried answering what do teachers make. As I recall, the answer was "Life" or "humans". Well, when I left everything long back and chose being a professor over business, I had my doubts. When I went through periods of rude and selfish behavior of many students, the doubts increased. But all this while, there were moments that held me together to prove time and again that teachers do make lives. 

Some long lost FDP participant sending wishes and ice creams from their latest business venture, someone from a continent away making a call, someone from 3 batches past sending a line..... it is not the quantum or material value of the effort but the sheer gesture that matters. Last year a whole PGP section poured into my office with a small pouch of candies and the gesture still warms my heart. This year, the FPM class filled the board with so many of the references I made during the class, I ended up clicking the whole 3 parts of the white board. So they had poetry, Simpson, camera, French, politics, and what not... after all, I do make lives :)


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