Friday, June 21, 2013

Deep said it first...

Today, I was reading one of my old favorite blogger friend's blog - Inderdeep's. and she has said the following at the end of her latest post:

"Sorry again for being so irregular. I am still writing posts in mind, along with the most appropriate titles. I wish I could share with you some day :-|"

I think I can borrow these lines from her... for I've been doing the same for so long!! In my head, I've written about all the travel I've been doing, all the old friends I've met lately, my IIMA visit after so long, the new friends I got, the issues facing the nation, the economic ideas I've been pondering, the people I love, the people I hate, the new hobbies I got, the fights I took, the birds I clicked, the courses I taught, the poems I wrote, the secrets I know, the life, the universe, and everything.... and yet, Alas! All I've been doing is to sit like a lazy bum and think and think and then, think some more!!


deep said...

:) i vaguely remember that theme of those lines is borrowed somewhere from your blog itself :P
Btw i must say, you are really a master at expressing.. even when it comes to expressing the helplessness of not-expressing..

Sid said...

Lakhnawi boli me "master at expressing" ko "local haankna" kahte hain :D

I don't know if I had said it or you did but that was a much needed trigger to shoot that writer's block out! Here is hoping to torture the world with more of my blabber. :)


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