Saturday, March 16, 2013

And the most favorite organ is....

Someone asked a few days back that if you have to rate the organs in your body, which one would be your favorite. That reminded me of some fables, read in childhood and therefore deeply ingrained. Those fables suggested that a human being is human because of his brain but what makes one a real human is the heart. Another tale told that a compassionate heart is more desirable than a genius brain. Well, therefore, I said so - the heart would be dearer than the brain. However, the words kept on playing inside my head... after some thought, I wrote a Facebook status:

"My brain? Yes, that is my second most favorite organ!"

Perhaps, i had read these words somewhere and therefore the neatness in putting it up... nonetheless, the thought process behind the quote was deep. And yet, the word-play made it a queer quip. As it happens on Facebook, the friends started to take a flight of fancy and asking about the most favorite one. I decided to keep silent there but just to show how the world often twists the thoughts... quoting some comments here (I also din't get some of them but then...): 

  • And the first favorite organ is ???
  • Aah sidharth ji hum dono ki soch first organ ko lekar kitni milti hai
  • how romantic sir jee 
  • The benefits of being a prof ! You can use your first most favorite organ more than (and almost always, before) using your second most favorite organ 
  • His first most favorite organ might not necessarily be his own!
  • ... I can't figure whether you cracked a dirty joke or not...
  • ahaa haaa ahhhahaaaa
  • Oh no, not a joke, never ! I was just exploring the logical assumptions to the Professor's statement.
  • Why keep the first organ a secret? The heart? LOL.
  • jo hamare paas nahi hota hai vahi hame achcha lagta hai. am i right ?
  • Cha gaye aaj puri hui....shabash
  • Which is d 1st fav organ sir ?
  • people are so curious to know his favorite 'organ' !
  • The first most favorite organ still under wraps !!
And now, I am gonna post this post and then post the link to this post as a comment :D

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