Wednesday, September 21, 2011

From Sir, With Love!!

Last Saturday, I finished teaching my PGP first year first term course of Microeconomics. It was a 20-sessions and two-sections experience stretching over 2.5 months. By the time the course was over, I was thoroughly exhausted - teaching, evaluation, preparation.... In fact, by the time only three quarter of the course was over, two of my elective courses began and some travel also came my way.

When I went to the classroom for the final session, I was so enthused and desperate for a whiff of relief, I could not even prepare for the class fully well. The class was also, perhaps, tired and exhausted with the same old face. As I announced the course close and thanked the class for bearing with me, the class gave me a standing ovation with a long round of claps :)

I was glad, dumbfounded, and humbled by the class response. That was the moment of a lifetime... made me love my job even more despite all the hectic schedules and frustrations attached!! The class, actually both the sections, reminded me why I came to this job!!

About my after-class thoughts and reminiscence of my own first term at IIMA soon.

P.S. - That round of claps and the standing ovation might have been a celebration of the end of the torture as well but then, I am an economist. I assume a lot of things for good!!

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