Monday, March 22, 2010

Cuttings of Life...!!

Finally, everything is over. I mean, at least on this campus of IIMA, my days are numbered now. So I was cleaning my room, packing my stuff for a courier to home. And in the process of cleaning, I was reminded of my hobby of keeping paper cuttings, like the first picture below. Many of these were used for making cards and posters for the closest of my friends. The entire process of selecting the cuttings, arranging them on a theme, furnishing, pasting, finishing usually took a day or so. There were every sort of cuttings and for every occasion - sweet, cheeky, puns, verses, quotes, pictures, and what not!

And there was a small selection of paper-cuttings - kept neatly in a folded sheet. The selection I had made from the entire pile of cuttings. The selection for making the most meaningful card of my life. The selection for the most beautiful person of my life. Alas! It was too late. I was left with the cuttings, and the cuts - a thousand of them... forever.

It made me feel immensely nostalgic, sad, and hapless. I decided to destroy those cuttings - not only the selection but all of them. What is the purpose of having them if I'd never get to make the best card of my life. In a frenzy, I threw everything on a sheet of newspaper and wrapped it to burn. And then, I couldn't. I simply couldn't. I cannot burn all those memories. I cannot destroy all those pieces of past. I cannot forget those small and big 'cuts'.

I thought that I have moved on. I still think I have moved on. I want to believe I have moved on. I know that life is full of blue skies and colorful rainbows. I am out to explore many new horizons. I don't know why then, I am still sad about one of the most beautiful chapters of my life. I don't know why I still feel like another cutting from the same collection!


Anonymous said...

Very well written.
The feeling depicted in the writing seems infectious ;)

on a different note: hope u do what u wanted to do with the paper cuttings before u leave.. may give u a lot of satisfaction :P

Manisha said...

very poignant and touching !!!!! but I still think you should get rid of them it will be relief ..
and hopefully you would not be held on kidnapping charges ,you know they generally use paper cuttings for ransom demands !! :P
and you haven't replied to my message on FB :(

Sid said...

Sheel - Thanks man! I wish I could make that card but you know, without feelings, any composition is not going to be what it shall be.

Manisha - Thanks. And as I said, I wanted to but couldn't. Anyways, will check and reply to your FB messages on d-bab soon.

gunjan said...

i don`t think, there is anything called MOVE ON or MOVED ON. Its just the matter of time, might be u still have free time to think about old things or u don`t have anything interesting enough to engage ur mind u know, what next to be done.......


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