Thursday, February 18, 2010

मगर जो खो गयी वो चीज़ क्या थी

After defense of my thesis, I thought that I'll be free enough to run few Movie-All-Day sessions, some trip quickies, and loads of blogging, among other things. I was wrong. Before completing the thesis, there was only one task - complete the thesis. After completing the thesis, whole world's tasks have pounced upon my poor lazy self.

However, as always, I am enjoying this stint too, or given my usual record, I'll cherish it some day in long run. These days, I am mostly busy with what I call 'gham rozgar ke' - sending job applications and seeking post-doctoral fellowships. Add to that the papers I need to furnish and send across for publication rejection.

Apart from 'gham rozgar ke', I am busy with the launch of a poetry forum this Saturday and the poetry workshop I'll be taking this Sunday. It does not matter how ignorant in Urdu poetry I am as long as there is no one topping my level of ignorance. Also, been doing a lot of photography and all those pictures await gigabytes of editing.

Registered for trekking two days ago - fifteen days in some Himalayan glacier, and going to Jammu for three days in March. Just got a notification from 'The Mint' for winning a prize in the budget debate - Rs. 5,000 voucher and publication of my blabber. Such big and small, tiny and gargantuan, good and bad news keep popping up from here and there every now and then.

But amidst all this activity and fervor of life, I suddenly get caught in the moments... those are the moments when I ask myself - मगर जो खो गयी वो चीज़ क्या थी??!!

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