Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parallel Universes

Scientists say that there are infinite parallel universes and in each of those, moments unfold in different ways. In those parallel universes, all the possibilities are lived. I wonder if things are different for me in one of those parallel universes.

Is there a universe where I get to do all that I want? May be, I am more sincere for studies in one of those. May be, I have continued with business and have not studied much in another. Somewhere I must have become a writer and may be, in one, I am a professor. Perhaps, I have even become a politician in one or a poet perhaps. In one of those, I might be an adventurer, a traveler, or a photographer. May be I do not exist in one of those.

Is there a universe where we are still friends? Is there a universe where we are still friends only? May be, in one of those, we have never met. May be, in one of those, we have never separated.

Perhaps, in one of the universes, I have got the superpower of constructing parallel universes. May be in that universe, I know what has happened in all the other parallel universes.

In at least one, I must have gone mad.

Is there a universe in which I am happy?

1 comment:

Koushik said...

The concept of parallel universe still applies......the problem is there is no way to find a connecting line between two universes. Scientists lack the tool to connect parallel universes. So may be one universe you are in one of your ambition and in another you are another.


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