Friday, June 19, 2009

And another batch...

It's again that time of the year... a fresh batch is arriving at IIMA to begin their two year journey. Soon the campus will be all full with people and along with them, chanting of cases facts, cribs, and dreams. Although this batch is coming at the time of recession and yet, paying the highest fee charged till date; the batch is held special due to one single reason - about 1/5th members are from the fairer sex, a new record for IIMA.

But some things never change... Today I saw a fresher girl and her mother roaming around the campus and peeping inside mess, trying not to step into anywhere wrong. Yesterday, there was a group of parents, reading every display in the 132 feet gallery in the underpass.

I found it really interesting and moving to see parents coming with their 'small' children, taking a tour around the campus and gaping at the architectural wonders, 'fachchas' discovering the campus, finding places, forgetting ways, entering library in awe, asking for tips from seniors, and quizzing about the places to see in and around the campus. Well... here are my best wishes to the last batch I'd be seeing as a student

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deep said...

ahhh..those mixed feelings at a new start.
...they'll always b same.


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