Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Three randon thoughts and a pop theory

1. when you've met enough people, everyone seems like someone.

2. Long ago, I used to chat to myself. It felt good when somebody talked just like me.
Now I don't sound like myself to me anymore so I chat to others only.

3. Five greatest inventions of mankind - Wheel, Wings, Microchip, Fire, and Football.

And The Pop Theory-

Mostly, love is like groping in the dark. You get hold of someone and you fall in love - not because you most certainly love them but because you are most uncertain whether you will get hold of someone else ever again.

And perhaps, that explains a lot of homosexual behavior. With the increased population, there is higher density in that darkness and hence, more groping. However, with the higher numbers, the competition is also enhanced, hence, an even thinner possibility of fishing out 'The One', so people tend to fall even for same sex.

This also explains a lot of break-up and divorce behavior. With a bigger population and higher density, there are more and frequent shoulder-rubbing in the dark. With so much of clashing and groping, people soon realize that getting on to another one in the hope of finding 'The One' is not very difficult. They also realize that though there is greater competition due to large numbers, the opportunities have also risen and a greater number of choices available. Hence, risk in break-up or divorce is systematically reduced and they can frequently grope in the dark in the hope of finding another groper.

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How do we know said...

i like the pop theory.. it does make sense!


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