Thursday, June 21, 2007

I love...I hate... I love to hate

well....what I love will take some time....but what I don't like or rather hate requires the kind of laid back time which I have after finishing my qualifier exam yesterday and a dorm treat today. so here is a partial list (however long, its always partial) of things I don't like...

#Lies - Not that I don't lie...but doing so for political mileage or for manipulations in relationships is as disgusting and unacceptable as anything can be.

# Cosmetics - take the most beautiful face in the word and then - ruin it with cosmetics.

# Artificial Behavior - Behaving not like yourself and pretending to be what you are not.

# Not being blatantly honest with friends - If I've to think twice or if I can't say whatever comes to my mind in front of someone, its not true friendship.

# Refusal to craving for perfection - I know I'm not perfect - nobody can be. I just want to keep improving moment by moment, grain by grain. But what I really hate is when people refuse to see they can be wrong or there is a scope of being a better person. What I hate even more is when people justify this attitude and say that they have been like this so far and its not possible to change now.

# Misers and non-sharing friends, who want to have the biggest piece of the pie - I'd give it to them anyway, but not happily if they don't wanna reciprocate the same. I know its cyclical and confusing but thats what Life is.

# Hypocrites - who have different parameters for themselves and some different for others.

# People who are dirty, those who litter around, those who have an odor, and those who touch me - despite howsoever clean they might be.

# Idiots who think they are too smart and rest of the world is an idiot.

# And last but not the least, I really hate people who keep counting what they don't like in others.

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