Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Best Friends' Wedding :)

So this was the time for another unscheduled visit to Lucknow, for two of my best friends were finally tying the nuptial knot with each other after such a long wait!!

 Gunjan and Meha - so long for so good!!
January 4, 2012

What a relieved look at her face!!
More than six years for the moment :)

 And the good ol' pal also stole a moment there :D
(it is Impossible to get a neat, undisturbed frame in Indian weddings!!)

And after the rituals came the fun-filled frolicking!!
The happy couple danced away the winter chill and function fatigue \m/

But after all, my best pic was this only - 
present but beyond all the hullabaloo of festivities, 
the recipe of inner peace is an apple in mom's lap :)


Icarus said...

Congratulations on your friends' wedding!! The last pic is definitely the best

Leena Joseph said...

I agree with you Siddharth - finally after a long wait (though U dont know me, heard about u from Meha) - I am her friend Leena in Richmond. Well captured moments n captions

Anurag said...

Good One...I missed all the fun even the one to come in my life few days later missed the fun of enjoying in my friend's wedding...seriously, that was her reaction!! :)

Sid said...

@Anurag - We also missed you man!! You know I had saved that song - Koi kahe kahta rahe from DCH for a dance by three of us... and I ended up not even playing that one :(

Leena - Hey, Thanks!! I also know you through a lot of chatter of Meha :D

Icarus - Thanks :) and you know, I think I've figured who's there. Haven't we met few days back :)


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