Saturday, March 19, 2011


Been off my blog for far too long... since most of my longish posts didn't move beyond the draft folder, I thought let me go for some random mixed bag of updates from my life.

Few days back, I got my first standing ovation from the class. At the end of my last class, they all stood up and clapped for me. On second thoughts, I am not sure that was a real standing ovation or not. Probably they were happy that my classes were finally over and all got up to run away as soon as they could lest I start my blabber again!!

I was in Kolkata in the beginning of this month - four days of leisure and luxury in Park Street. And I loved the city all over again. Met some old friends, drank vodka (30 ml net), shopped a little, roamed around at different times.... but the best part was finding a bookshop in a dingy alley and buying a treasure of books from there!! Roaming around in Kolkata at 4 in the morning, finding a treasure trove of books, and some real quality interactions... How I love you dear old Calcutta!!

Spent two days in Mumbai - Dadar! First day, sitting at the beach, watching life on Bandra-Worli sea-link and tasting salty sea-wind, talking to a new friend about old times... life was afresh. And then, went to restaurant, roamed around Shivaji park, talked to an old friend about new life. Next day was even more marvelous - morning walk at sea beach, early sum-up of work, and meeting an old friend again... sipping coffee at CCD in Bandra, long walk on Bandra promenade, and a lots of stories about the old and the new times!! Dear Mumbai... you've always given me best of my memories and deepest of wounds! I bet you are a lady!!!

Although reading time is scarce for very long, managed to buy a load of books and also read a few. But I enjoyed the most three children's books by Devdutt Patnaik. In the form of illustrated books, three recent releases tell the old stories with a fresh plot. The stories were how Krishna had to carry his i-card, why Gauri and Kali are the same, and how Indra finds happiness.
Yesternight, I also wrote a few lines. After so long, I'm hoping to move beyond a couplet and complete a ghazal.

And writing poetry, as always, brings me to the doorstep of your memories... dearest!!
need I say more? I know you'll understand... as always... or perhaps, you'll never understand... as always!!

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