Tuesday, December 15, 2009

है जनम का जो ये रिश्ता तो...

I have already quit poetry - writing, this time - forever. I think I should stop writing as well - diary, blogs, lists - everything. I should also quit photography. And also sketching, reading, net-surfing, talking to people.

I am too coward to kill myself. May be that un-vented burden of emotions, that load of unexpressed feelings, and this regret of being would do the job... I hope sooner than later.

I was too brave to say it all in front of you... I was too coward to kill my 'self'... and now I am too coward to kill myself.

कोई ये कैसे बताये कि वो तन्हा क्यूँ है
वो जो अपना था वो ही और किसी का क्यूँ है
ये ही दुनिया तो फिर ऐसी ये दुनिया क्यूँ है
ये ही होता है तो आखिर ये ही होता क्यूँ है


Koushik said...

There is more fun to explore your potential . I do not like the idea of quitting everything. Let time be your judge, not you or other A,B,C,D can judge you. At least this is my philosophy.

I hope I can see y more of your flourished writing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sid..
I do not know your pain.., nd do not sypathize bit I cud just say that ...Zindagi se yoon bezaar mat hona dost aaj jahan mousam patjhad ka hai shaayad zindagi kabhi fir gulzaar ho..dard yoon samatay apni pehchan mat khona..gumnaam na hona....teray dard mai shaayad our shoiddat hogi to takdeer ek baar fir meharbaan hogi...


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