Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The long term optimist

Years ago, when I was filling forms and applying to colleges, there often was a column for strengths and weaknesses. As my closest guide then (and friend later), Anand Sir had suggested 'long-term-optimism' as one of my strengths. Although I didn't exactly understood the meaning or implication of this 'strength', I simply complied, for I had no 'strength' (pun intended).

Now, almost six years later, I am realizing what Anand Sir was able to see back then. I have faced many bad times before as well as after that. And though those were bad times, only good came out of each one of them - in the long term of course. Moreover, I have learnt just one thing out of each one of such experiences - at the end, everything will be fine and if everything is not fine, it's not the end.

As I undergo another one of the difficult phases of my life, I again remain optimistic for the long term and hence, forward looking coz as Anand Sir would say, I am a long term optimist!

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