Monday, October 5, 2009

Pondering - क्या लिखूँ

Once Padumlal Punnalal Bakhshi (पदुमलाल पुन्नालाल बख्शी) wrote an essay on what to write (titled 'क्या लिखूँ') and that went on to become one of the greatest writings on the art of writing. Now is my turn to try; however, I would be contended with a run-of-the-mill blog post only, for greatness and recognition is meant for more worldly people. (Oh yes, I have to pretend I don't want it until I get it.)

On a more serious note, since the time I discontinued two of my blogs, one for my poetry and another for policy matters, I have felt a craving time and again to restart those. Although my time constraints are such that I should discontinue most of my non-academic, non-necessary-for- life activities, I still carry on with most of those in a hope that there will be a day when I will have enough time to do all the nothing I want.

Since I cannot spare time for two more blogs when there are many half-written posts and many more unwritten thoughts lying in pipedreams for this blog, I sometimes feel like putting up my poetry up here. I even pondered upon discussing my policy, political, economic, and sociological thoughts over here. I am still not sure whether I shall make this blog a complete vent for all my blabber or shall I keep it limited to my 'unpoetic' and 'uneconomic' wordplay ventures only.

Any advice, help, or opinion in this regard is most welcome and would be dealt with equal contempt (sic). In any case, I think I will start putting everything here sooner or later. After all, if I have to bore the world with this, why discriminate between personal blabber and poetic or global blabber.


deep said...

very correct, if u have to bore this world then why to discrimate.. :P

Well..poetry, sociological thoughts, policy matters..aren't they part of life(..or something like that)...then why not put them here..??
best wishes ..:)

Sid said...

hmmmm.... Thank you so much for endorsing my right to blabber more :D

I am sure gonna put up some Hindi poems and some more things up here pretty soon, hopefully :)


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