Sunday, May 17, 2009

I know...

I know a poet who had written loads and tons for you. He could never write again once you left him.
I know a man who loved you like no one ever could have had. He never asked for your love in return.
I know a friend who spent sleepless nights to fulfill your every whim. He still doesn't sleep well.
I know a student who learnt a lot from you. He still misses all those lessons.
I know a man who used to make tea and snacks for you. He still buys your favorite snacks but never had a meal as fulfilling.
I know a man you always said was a pessimist. He is a pessimist now, for he has left any hopes of your return.
I know a man who was a true friend. He doesn't care now.
I know the man for whom you don't exist anymore. The man has moved on.


deep said... move wat we call life...

Sid said...

Dear Deep, moving on is perhaps the only option but that shouldn't make it the life. When we move on, don't we leave a little of us back there - forever?
Though I've moved on, a lot of me is left back there...!!!

Patrali said...
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deep said...

..we keep on leaving some part of us somewhere in this journey..
and then there is a void created to take soemthing what is left never comes back. :(


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