Friday, April 4, 2008

To Sir, With Love - 2

Though To Sir, With Love - 1 was long time ago, I still couldn't find enough words to express my gratitude and admiration for all my professors and teachers. Perhaps it is because of them only that I want to be a professor. I have been lucky to always have such wonderful teachers, both in terms of excellence of intellect as well as in terms of genuineness of person.

Although it'd be very unfair to recall only few names here, yet some of them are so deeply imprinted in my memory that I can't help mentioning them. But very emphatically, this is not an exhaustive set. Further, here I've talked about the teachers and professors in academic sense only and not in a philosophical sense, where I'd include life, experience, and testing times also as my teachers.

In school days, Rajendra Srivastav Sir, who gave me full leverage and freedom for learning and doing maths, was one of the main reasons of my interest in intuitive mathematics. At Colvin Taluqdar's, everyone was almost perfect - Mr. K.K. Verma, Mr. R.R. Gupta, Mr. R.P. Singh, Mr. R.N. Sharma.... I even sometimes miss Keerti Sir, Wesley Sir, Godha, Panther, and BPS also.

At Lucknow University, any of my friends can tell who was and is my favorite. Yupp, it's Dr. J.V. Vaishampayan - more than a good teacher, he had been a great person. From teaching economics in class to guiding outside class, I can't help admiring him all the while. And also Dr. Rachna Mujju, with those wonderful discussions and insights - all that is too much to put in words.

My luck got me again the best at ICC, where I initially prepared as a student and then joined as a faculty. I met Saxena Sir and Gurjeet Sir - can't forget their discussions-cum-fights on approaching the problems in different ways. Also, a big thanks to Ashley Burn Sir, who 'actually' 'taught' me English language. But the best of the lot was Anand Sir, who proved to be a teacher, guide, friend, philosopher, and much more.

And finally here, at IIM Ahmedabad, again my luck played good for me. Though it'd be fatal for me to take names as I'm yet to finish my Ph.D. and I cannot take all the names as well, for the list is too long; but there are truly great professors here. However, playing politically correct, I'll mention all the names only when I receive my degree :D

I have plans to go for Post-docs and I hope, my 'teacher luck' will remain as good as it has been so far... and may be with enough luck, someday I'll join the elite ranks of the lovable profs.

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