Monday, August 13, 2007

The Me...

Millions of small thoughts, unlimited confusion,
a bit of poetry, few incomplete verses,
a little concentration, lots of distractions,
drizzling rains, green woods, nostalgia,
desires, memories,
lovable cartoons, soft music,
readable books, a library,
finicky cleanliness, collectible junk,
bathroom singing, arguments,
some crushes, some loves,
some close friends, some close enemies,
some more enemies, even more animosity,
some lies, lots of procrastination,
truth, malice,
belief, mother,
some teachers, faith,
estranged kins, forgotten friends,
some personal diaries, dry roses,
some sketches,
a leisurely walk,
some evenings on riverbank,
some mornings at Roomi Gate,
breaking pessimism,
spirit of warriors, anger,
long term optimism, persistence,
flights of fancy,
some scars, frozen heart,
rejections, fears,
fear of rejection, fear of approval,
some cards, an album,
an old file, lots of paper-cuttings,
arts never learned,
words never said,
missed calls, calls never dialled,
confessions never made, regrets,
lots of questions, very few answers,
and an incomplete blog entry...

1 comment:

Designing the sails o' life said...

This one's beautiful....a masterpeice in my eyes!
So specific in YOUR details, yet so applicable to me; probably to everyone!
Most of its appeal lies in its simplicity, yet it is so eloquent with art - the art of blatant reality.


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